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Mount Barker Region

Located in what is known as the Great Southern Region of Western Australia, Mt Barker subregion is 350kms from the capital city of Western Australia, Perth. The soils are predominantly gravelly-loam and the climate is slightly cooler than Perth, and is claimed to resemble that of Bordeaux. Although the area is considered to be one of the newest for wine production in Australia, a two and a half hectare trial planting was made 19 kms west of the town as long ago as 1966, from advice given by the Agriculture Department. The first vintage is officially recorded as 1972.

The Grape Varieties

The Great Southern region of WA is well recognised as being a producer of quality premium wines.

Riesling responds well to cooler growing conditions which produces wines that have prominent fruity aroma and flavour and the comparatively high levels of acidity give a fresh crispness to the finish. This variety is becoming the signature variety for the region.

Chardonnay is a versatile variety that can be handled in winemaking in different ways. The flavours are distinctive and can be made into light fresh tank fermented styles or barrel fermented producing a fuller wine suited to cellaring.

Shiraz grown in cooler areas produces good acid, tannin and fruit flavours, the latter being often described in the Great Southern as peppered berries with a hint of licorice.

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